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Different types of PVC Panel:
1, Printing PVC Panel (Glossy, Matte, and High-glossy)
2, Hot stamping pvc panel/ Film transfer pvc panel
3, Lamination pvc panel
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* FIRE RETARDANT. Pvc Panel will melt and flow away from roaming fire and will not spread the flame.
*0.00% Water Absorption. PVC Panel do not expand or contract when they come in touch with water.
*Durable and Easy to Maintain. PVC Panels with smooth surface, are dirt resistant.
*Sound & Thermal Properties. PVC Panel is thermal conductive and resistant due to the hollow structures
*Easy to Install. PVC Panels are easy and quik to install as they are durable and lightweight.
*Anti-fungal, Corrosion resistant and Termite Proof.

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